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 Our Dedication

          Alan is our Angel and he is the inspiration by which we dedicate this charity, Pick With Austin. Kids Helping Kids reflects Alan's lifelong desire to assist people who were in need. A giving soul and a fantastic guitar player and musician, Alan lost his battle with depression in October of 2010 by taking his own life. No greater loss to the world can been felt, than that of someone who was so giving and so pure and filled with goodness.
          Alan touched the lives of the kids that he knew, helping many through their own struggles with depression, issues with drug abuse, or the lack of the basic things in life (he'd give you the coat off his back if you were cold and he often he did just that). Alan carried with him his Bible and his guitar no matter where he'd go and he would often write beautiful music praising life, God, and the hope of world peace, freedom and salvation. He was not a typical 18-year-old with his dreaded hair, simple clothes, and sandals.
          Alan was also a model and an actor - he was in a Disney television series and he worked in print for companies such as Balfour and publishers such as Holt, Rinehart and Winston. Alan played harmonica, the keyboards/synth, bass, acoustic and electric guitars. He wrote songs of praise and sang them proudly - sometimes just belting out a tune. When he was singing, the words poured out of him like sweat from a runner. There was great feeling and passion that came out of every word he sang. A girl from one of his high school classes, in fact, recalled that once in the middle of class session, Alan just picked up his guitar and started playing and singing (much to the dismay of their instructor). When the feeling hit him, he would express. Music was Alan's escape from the pain he was experiencing within his own heart. In his last few months, his band was on the verge of almost instant success with a sound and passion that definitely mesmerized. Musical influences included Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, and his "One Love" for the sounds of reggae and Bob Marley.
          Those who knew Alan understood how different and special that he was, almost a saint by his thoughts and his actions. Those who "never got to know him" can never understand why his leaving us is such a great loss to the world. Over four hundred people attended Alan's services to cry one last goodbye to this dear heart.
          Alan left behind his broken-hearted father and mother, two older brothers, and all of his beloved pets. He leaves behind a legacy of love and generosity, but also a memory of a child who could not find happiness in life regardless how much of a free spirit and helpful thinker that he was. The world was not ready for his kind heart. Alan's memory and the beauty of his soul shall forever inspire the Pick With Austin mission that is based around keeping alive his desire to bring happiness to a world that hurt him.

You may think that he's gone
but you're wrong
he's in our hearts and souls

Angels come and Angels go

Well I miss you my friend
but I'll see you again, one day soon
You remind me that even in deserts
flowers bloom.

Angels come and they go

(Lyrics from Alan's last song)