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Pick With Austin implements hands-on participation within the community.  While we definitely support research, as well as  the collection of data and statistics as they relate to mental health, depression and suicide related topics, our primary purpose is to interact "in the trenches," so to speak, with young people who are at-risk of depression.  We believe that depression, coupled with depressive situations, can lead to things such as mental health  issues, self harm, lowered self esteem, and potentially suicidal thoughts. 

While we acknowledge that there is no proven cure or all perfect solution to these things, there can be attention given to individuals who fit the potential  at-risk profiles.  Many of the outreach programs that Pick With Austin has founded, or is taking part in, address those situations directly. 

While some of Pick With Austin's  programs have matured, others are still in the implementation phase.  All of our current programs that we either have developed, or are a participating part of, are as follows: 


Juvenile Justice System
  • Provide guitars and musical instruments to individuals who are temporarily in the juvenile justice system  (they can go home with the  teens when they leave)
  • Provide guitars for the Justice Center (these guitars stay resident)
  • Meet with teens to discuss guitars and music and promote creative outlets as alternatives to depression
  • Discussions also include goal setting, self worth, making proper choices, and community respect
  • Provide general guitar orientation (guitar basics class)
  • Provide regular ongoing guitar lessons
Alan's Hope Project
  • Meets regularly with County Commissioner, Justices of the Peace, Law Enforcement, and Mental Health Professionals
  • Work toward goals of strengthening reliability of  county suicide data and statistics
  • Seek community outreach programs and events to promote suicide prevention awareness
  • Plan yearly Suicide Prevention Week agenda and events
  • Developed an educational training program geared toward teens
  • Empower youth to identify warning signs of suicide and teach them how to respond when peers may be at risk
  • Train trainers that can provide education to teens to meet above goal(s)
  • Conduct training classes for teens through youth groups, schools, and various other community organizations
  • Visit WilcoTeens4Teens Facebook Page
Community Outreach
  • Pick With Austin takes part in local  non-profit networking sessions, and mental health task force meetings to maintain a prescence in the community
  • Pick With Austin representatives speak to youth groups, at events, colleges, ministries, and at other opportunities where a community voice can be heard
  • Pick With Austin distributes literature (both hard copy and digital online) designed to make people aware of resources available for suicide prevention and when seeking help in crisis or for related mental health or crisis services
  • Pick With Austin maintains a relationship with local and national music stores and manufacturers in order to spread awareness through their customer base
  • Pick With Austin funds and operates an online safe chat site where individuals can anonymously discuss their feelings and issues in a safe environment from their computer or via smart phone (chatsuicide.org)
Individual Referrals
  • Youth are referred to our program by psychiatrists, case managers, counselors, local youth groups, hospitals, and psychiatric hospitals
  • Pick With Austin has donated guitars and other musical instruments to over 300 youth in the Central Texas area since 2010
  • Guitars and related services may be requested using our available request form

Download this form to request

a guitar or other services.

The following data is presented strictly as an overview and as a set of general guidelines. If you or someone that you know is in crisis, please consult a medical professional immediately. Call 1-800-841-1255 to speak to someone at the 24-hour crisis hotline, or CLICK HERE for a list of alternative hotline numbers listed by city/county.

Pick With Austin is more than just an organization that collects donations of guitars and then presents to children and to teens. The guitars, musical equipment and instruments that we give away are definitely the most visible part of our foundation, but they are more the hook to draw the interest into the larger picture.

The larger picture is our primary mission, which is to help develop and educate an awareness of youth and teen depression and suicide. We do this to stengthen the understanding in this epedimic, which ranks as the third leading cause of death, behind accidents and homicide, of young people. Our aim is to educate parents, relatives, and peers as to warning signs, as well as to ways to manage or treat signs of depression in youth.

Our programs are designed to help keep the awareness of this problem in the spotlight so that no parent will ever have to face the nightmare with the loss of their own child.



Addressing Crisis

When facing potential crisis, talk to someone. Sit down with a parent or a friend. Schedule time to speak with a councelor at school. Go to your church or mentor at your local youth group. If all else fails, call a crisis hotline and ask for assistance.

Pick With Austin acts is a resource to help bring an awareness of the dangers of depression and suicide, but we are not a mental health or medical facility. Our awareness programs consist of our sharing real life experiences from a consumer point of view. We do not aim to use Pick With Austin to replace professional medical treatment.

Because we believe strongly in addressing depression and related crisis situations with professional care and treatment, we have partnered with the Bluebonnet Trails MHMR. We encouarge anyone reading who feels they are facing a crisis situation to contact Bluebonnet directly, or their own local similar mental health care facility.


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