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This is the Tribute CD of music in the
memory of Alan Carter Villaruz-Curley

Pick With Austin is excited to introduce our first Tribute CD of music that has been put together in memory of Alan Carter Villaruz-Curley. The Tribute CD is intended to help us to continue to promote our foundation's efforts to educate communities about the epidemic of youth depression and suicide. The CD is available to hospitals, institutions, churches, schools, suicide prevention organizations, youth groups, law enforcement, mental health professionals, and to individuals in the general public.

The musicians and singers who have taken part in creating this Tribute CD, "My Gift of Music," have donated their hearts and talent to help Pick With Austin get our message out. The music on this CD comes from around writers, musicians and performers from the country as well as from around the world. The need to create more awareness for the dangers of youth depression and suicide is not confined by any geographic location or barriers. In making this CD a success, Pick With Austin especially wishes to thank John Kuhns of American Timbre Company and Suckfree Radio for his special assistance.

You can preview short clips of some of the songs that are included on the Tribute CD using the media player below.

(click first song preview, it will automatically go to the next)

Your Purchase Goes 100% to our Cause!

One hundred percent of the proceeds from this Tribute CD sale go toward furthering the mission of Pick With Austin. Funds are used to cover the cost of the CD, as well as for purchase of guitars that we donate to hospitals and at-risk children and teens, for event fees, literature, advertising and marketing, infrastructure, special programs and resources, and in our mission to spread awareness, prevention, maintenance, and support in the name of our foundation.


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Farewell (Morrigan's Cross) 6:33
Friends (Risen From Chaos) 4:54
I Know the Devil (Don Scribner) 3:14
Mom's Song (Matt Graunke) 1:26
Right Story Wrong Ending (Night by Night) 4:08
Song of the Winter Solstice (Fred Rohan-Vargas) 2:43
The Cavalry (Lorraine Jordan) 3:23
The Door is Always Open (Lisa Holmstrom) 4:58
The Story of My Life (Esmeralda Flores) 5:22
Like a Song (John Kuhns) 4:37
December (Herr Nilsson) 3:04
Rain (Rhythm of Mars) 3:48
Missing You Lately (L. Perry) 3:37
One Year Later (Morgen La Civita) 3:42
Gravity (Suddyn) 3:28

Any questions or comments should be directed to music@pickwithaustin.com